Pit Fun

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Owner/operator Pit Fun, also known as Pit, is a specialist in surrealism and realism art within the tattoo industry. Since entering the field in 2001, he swiftly gained recognition both in his hometown and the broader tattoo community. Inspired by his uncle Max, Pit honed his craft at Exotic Tattoo Studio in Penang, the inaugural professional tattoo establishment owned by Max. Despite limited internet resources and the absence of local suppliers, Pit sourced equipment from the United States and even handcrafted his own needles.

After 13 years of unwavering dedication, Pit inaugurated Pitt’s Tattoo and Piercing in July 2014. Within two years, the team expanded with the inclusion of new tattoo artists. Concurrently, Pit actively engaged in international tattoo exhibitions, securing significant success and garnering numerous awards in diverse competitions.