About Pitts Tattoo

Welcome to Pitt’s Tattoo—where your stories come to life in ink. Located in the heart of Penang Island, Malaysia, we’re more than a tattoo studio; we’re a sanctuary for self-expression and artistry.

Our skilled artists are dedicated to turning your ideas into timeless masterpieces. With a passion for creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence, each piece we craft reflects the uniqueness of the individual wearing it.

Hygiene and safety are our top priorities. Pitt’s Tattoo adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring a clean, sterile environment. We use top-quality inks and state-of-the-art equipment for the longevity and vibrancy of your artwork.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time explorer, our artists are here to guide you. We encourage open communication to ensure your vision is not just met but exceeded.


Harmony of Art and Individuality

To become the epicenter where art and individuality seamlessly merge, crafting unique and profound work for our clients.

Leadership in Professionalism and Innovation

To emerge as a pioneer in the industry, consistently pursuing advancements in professional craftsmanship and leading-edge innovative design, guiding the direction of industry development.

Customized Artistic Experience

To provide the highest level of customized service, allowing each client to discover their own unique story within our studio


Providing Excellence in Services and Products

Dedicated to delivering outstanding services and products in the tattoo industry, setting a benchmark for quality from material selection to the expertise of our artists.

Innovative Art, Consistent Quality

Fueled by innovation, we break traditional tattoo boundaries while maintaining strict quality standards. Our team of skilled artists and visionary designers ensures each tattoo is a unique blend of creativity and quality.

Crafting an Exceptional Client Experience

Prioritizing client satisfaction and comfort, our commitment extends beyond art, emphasizing open communication and personalized approaches to ensure every client feels heard, understood, and satisfied.

Tattoo Course

Embark on a creative journey with our tattoo course. Learn the art, technique, and business of tattooing from industry experts. Unleash your talent and turn passion into profession. Join us and master the craft of ink