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Born in Penang, Pit Fun has been in the tattoo scene since 2001, gaining popularity at a fast pace in his own hometown and the tattoo industry. His passion for tattoo art started from following the footsteps of his uncle Max, who Pit Fun was working and learning at the same time at Max's shop. Pit Fun is a Starbrite sponsored artist in Malaysia, which has over 120 colors for him to work with. With that great amount of colors to work with, Starbrite is able to allow Pit Fun to work freely with his favorite style, color and black and grey realism tattoos. Other than realistic tattoos, Pit Fun also loves doing Trash Polka and Oriental tattoos in his own interpretation. He welcomes any cover-ups and challenges that comes knocking.

出生于槟城,Pit Fun从2001年开始投身于纹身行业,并在自己的家乡和纹身行业迅速成名。他对纹身艺术的热情来自于他跟随多年的舅舅,Max。Pit Fun在舅舅那里一边工作一边学习,从而开始纹身生涯。Pit Fun是一名由马来西亚Starbrite赞助的艺术家,他的工作室里有超过120种的纹身色料。由于有这品质优良的色料, Starbrite允许Pit Fun自由发挥自己的风格,彩绘和黑白写实纹身。除此以外,Pit Fun也喜欢纹由自己创新的Trash Polka 和东方纹身。他欢迎任何具有挑战性的纹身,他可以为客户量身定做。

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