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Misi Chea

Misi was formerly a licensed nurse originated from Penang, love art, and have a unique taste for her work and different types of art form. For so many kinds of tattooing styles, she fancy Trash Polka and Realistic tattoos. And the styles she's currently engaged in are mainly Tribal works and oriental tattoos such as Polynesian tribal and oriental/japanese traditional tattoos.

Misi 来自槟城,之前是一名执牌护士,她热爱艺术,并在工作拥有个人独特的艺术风味。在众多类别的纹身中,她喜欢Trash Polka和现实纹身,而她最近做比较多Tribal works和东方纹身,如Polynesian tribal和东方/旧时代日本纹身。