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Misi Chea

Misi who formerly was a licensed nurse from Penang. She loves arts and have unique taste for her works. Benefited from her previous career, she has experiences in handling matters regarding of hygiene and health. With Misi’s medical background, Pitt’s Tattoo is confidence of providing safe and hygienic tattoo service to all our customers. Misi has vast interests in Trash Polka and Realistic Tattoo. Misi is currently specialised in Tribal and Oriental style (Polynesian, Japanese Traditional Art, etc).

Misi 来自槟城,投入纹身事业之前是一名执牌护士。她热爱艺术,作品方面拥有个人独特的艺术风格。因为之前的职业所以特别注重环境的卫生,Pitt’s tattoo也因为有Misi的帮助从而在卫生的素质方面提升了到了另一个层次。 在众多类别的纹身中,她喜欢Trash Polka和写实风格纹身,而她最近做比较多Tribal works和东方传统纹身,如Polynesian tribal和东方/旧时代日本纹身。